Long ago my very first road-going motorcycle was a Triumph Tiger Cub. The attraction at the time was its four stroke engine which, despite the modest cubic capacity, looked and sounded to me how a motorcycle should sound, as opposed to the other options limited by the 250cc threshold of my then provisional license. Although on reflection I did seem to spend more time  pushing it or repairing it. However, this encounter, with the help of rose-tinted spectacles, ensured a lasting allegiance to the Triumph marque.

In more recent years these memories tempted me to try out the latest generation of Triumph Motorcycles. Being a child of the fifties, Triumph still held it's allure as an iconic brand of British motorcycling. After the collapse of the original company the name was resurrected by John Bloor in the early 90's and relaunched. The new bikes have retained their distinctly British style and Triumph now build them using 21st century engineering technology in a completely new factory in Leicestershire.

I very soon became a big fan of the new Hinkley Triumph range, and in particular their triple cylinder engines. Their "adventure style" Tiger is in my opinion the perfect motorcycle for all types of riding from commuting to serious touring. Being 6' tall, the high upright riding position is naturally more comfortable than being hunched over the tank of a sports bike. 

So far I have owned a total of three 955 Tigers, two 1050 Tigers, a 1050 Tiger Sport, and the latest 1200 Tiger Explorer.  In addition to the Tigers I've also owned the phenomenal 2300cc Triumph Rocket 3, and Triumph's 1050 Speed Triple. More about my bikes can be found by clicking the photos or links in the menu panel.

Currently I ride a 2016 1200cc Explorer XCx. This latest Explorer is a far superior machine compared to previous Tigers, being 1200cc and equipped with shaft drive, traction control, ABS, cruise control, and ride-by-wire technology, it now also boaasts fully active suspension, riding modes, and an electrically adjustable screen amongst its many other refinements.

XCxTiger Explorer XCx

Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200
My Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

The Tiger Sport (below) is exactly what it claims to be, an upright tall sports bike. Unfortunately I found it unsuitable for comfortable touring and so ownership was limited to a brief 5000 miles in just 4 months.

 Tiger 1050 Sport
The Tiger Sport - Triumphs latest model in the 1050 range - launched in 2013

For me the 1050 Tiger is the perfect all-rounder. Sporty yet capable of high mileage touring. So good in fact I owned two at one time. Later I decided to keep one long term and rode it out to Tenerife, where it now provides me with winter riding in the sunshine.

2 x Triumph Tiger 1050
My Tiger1050's - one now resides in Tenerife!

The three 955i Tigers (below) provided all I needed in a motorcycle and ensured many thousands of miles of trouble free touring. They also ensured my loyalty to future Tiger models. 

Tiger 955i Blue
My 2006 Tiger 955i  

Tiger 955i Green
My 2004 Tiger 955i - now with alloy wheels 

2003 Tiger 955i Silver
My 2003 Tiger 955i - met with an untimely end!

The 1050 Speed Triple was a great alternative ride to the Tiger. Although it shares the same engine this bike is tuned and set up for a more sporty riding experience. Its aggressive appearance underlines it's position as the original and definitive modern naked streetfighter.

My Speed Triple 1050
My Speed Triple - a 15th Anniversary Special Edition

The Rocket 3 was an excursion into the unknown. It's 2300cc ensured it was king of the road in production motorcycle terms, with awesome torgue - it could tow a caravan!. However, the power delivery also demanded a very rigid rear end which did not compliment comfortable two-up touring and so she had to go.

Triumph Rocket 3
My Rocket 3 - a 2300cc monster bike!