shortcut to PHOTO ALBUMS

Since the advent of affordable digital cameras my interest in photography has been re-kindled and I now take my camera out on every ride and record as much as conditions allow. My main camera is a digital SLR Olympus E-500 complimented by a wide angle and a telephoto lens.

Way back in 1999 my first digital was a Fuji MX2700 compact, costing more than my current Olympus!. A few years later I upgraded to their SLR style S5000 and although not a sophisticated model, I have nothing but praise for this Fuji camera. It has been used for many of the images in this website and has been bounced around on my motorcycle over many thousands of miles.

To quickly capture those moments which can often appear briefly whilst out riding I have a small pocket-sized Lumix SZ7. This slimline model allows me to carry it in my jacket and avoids the need to dismount to get out my main camera. Results and quality are superb for such a small camera with a 10x optical zoom. It also captures full 1080 HD video too!

Early Morning

I've learned that owning motorcycles and cameras is similar in so far as having the most cc.s or pixels doesn't automatically make you the best rider or photographer. The more time and effort put into learning to use the equipment properly is generally rewarded by the results. Whether riding or snapping, expert status is never attained but striving to improve competence is really what provides continued enjoyment.

Finally, I make no apologies for my bike constantly popping up in the forground, it's only there to add scale, honestly! If you wish to make use of any of the pictures all I ask is you include a small acknowledgement and contact me just to let me know where you've used it.