So why choose Triumph?

Let's first pause for a little history lesson. When the motorcycle was first invented it was the British producers who led the world. The international market was dominated by the big British manufacturers such as BSA, Triumph, and Norton. They became as much household names in the 1950's as Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are today. There were a multitude of other UK manufacturers too, from Ariel to Vincent, who all slowly but surely disappeared.

Why? Was it because the market changed? Did the competition have a better cheaper product? Did the British motorcycle industry not know what the market wanted? Was bad management to blame? A lack of reinvestment perhaps? A dearth of technical innovations or quality control?  The answer to all of those questions has to be an unfortunate yes.

The Japanese motorcycle invasion began when Honda entered the small bike market with the now famous Honda 50cc "step-thru". This basic bike had a semi automatic gearchange, with leg shields and screen…hardly a model to trouble the big British marques? How wrong that assumption was, as Honda went on to sell 35 million units across the world!

Soon after in 1969 Honda went on to launch the CB750, a powerfully smooth four-cylinder oil-tight reliable engine with an electric start and a disc brake for good measure! This particular bike is now credited with virtually single-handedly destroying the British motorcycle industry, and this it achieved incredibly in less than ten years! Norton tried to add a "bolt on” electric start to the Mk3 Commando and Triumph also attempted similar updates whilst trying to move away from their vertical twins, a design which dated back to 1937. But it was all too little, too late.

So when Triumph re-emerged with their modern triple cylinder range in the mid 90’s, once again a Great British motorcycle was made available to the public. Many having nostalgic memories of the originals and now armed with the disposable income to rediscover motorcycling. But make no mistake; these new bikes do not offer nostagia alone and are worthy contenders based on modern designs, equipped to compete with todays major international manufacturers in the global market place.

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