Bluetooth Comms

In a perfect world I would never take or make a call whilst riding a motorcycle. I prefer not to have that distraction. The world isn't perfect however and there are some calls I need to take when the phone rings. There are also callers I like to simply identify and then contact later. The convenience of being able to use a mobile without having to remove helmet and gloves, even when stationary, is also a welcome factor to any biker.

The Scala-Rider™ Bluetooth Headsets by Cardo Systems are the ideal solution to these issues. In 2008 I opted for a pair of Q2's from their original range which I still use. In 2013 I supplemented these with a second set of the latest Q3's. Both these models are capable of rider to pillion and bike-to-bike communications, as well as in-built FM radio. When coupled to my Garmin Zumo and mobile phone, this equipment can channel SatNav instruction, play MP3 music, provide caller ID, make or receive phone calls, including access to call logs and address book. All completely wirelessly!

The Cardo scala-rider™ comes with everything you need to suit a variety of helmets. The unit itself is extremely lightweight, and slides neatly onto the mount which is clamped or glued onto the helmet shell. Two wafer thin speakers are held in place within the helmet by Velcro pads and that's it. Also included is a carry pouch and a mains power charger.

Having used Scala Rider comms for several years now, I can certainly recommend this kit which really works! The intercom audio is voice-operated and full duplex, therefore avoiding the old two-way radio conventions. The unit automatically adjusts the speaker volume for you as needed to compensate for any background noise. It has no complicated display other than a series of flashing LEDs, but audio quality is good. A steep learning curve is initially required to master the Bluetooth pairing and basic operation, but once set-up properly it is an ideal solution to mobile communications.

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