Triumph Tiger 1050

For me the Tiger 1050 is the perfect motorcycle for all types of riding from commuting to weekend ride-outs, to serious long distance touring. The tall upright riding position provides a good view of the road ahead and the comfortable natural ergonomics encourage uninterupted riding. Accessories like heated grips, removable hard luggage, and GPS, allow this motorcycle to be used confidently to explore far away destinations, both home or abroad. This bike is so impressive I had no reservations in purchasing a second Tiger 1050 a couple of years later.


I aquired my first 1050 model early in 2008. This model saw a departure from the heritage of it's "big trailie" styling and moved the bike to a more road orientated sports tourer. It still has the unmistakeable character of a Triumph triple, but one that's been updated for the 21st century. It now competes favourably against the best that the German and Japanese manufacturers can produce. The Tiger1050 is a well balanced easy to ride motorcycle suitable for laid back touring or a blast through the twisties.

To compliment my 1050 I've bought several accessories to tailor it to my needs. Firstly, the Triumph panniers which to be honest are a compromise of style and limited capacity, but no other luggage looks quite as good on the bike. A matching topbox is available and although I have one, this in my opinion does not sit as well on the bike. Packing for touring has to be carefully planned, especially if two-up.


Whilst out riding at weekends I like to carry a few items such as a camera and prefer to have some available storage to carry the odd purchase too. So in preference to the topbox I decided on a tailpack, which is a large capacity waterproof bag from Triumphs soft luggage range. This zips neatly onto the pillion seat and suits the bike better than a lone topbox which I favoured on my previous 955 models.

Heated grips, a centre stand, and a front fender extender have also been added. I've fitted a pair of KTM handguards which incidentally match the lines of the bike perfectly. To bring out the fruity triple exhaust note I've fitted the Triumph "off-road" can and matching tune. Other improvements include a twin headlight driver along with replacement Xenon bulbs, and white LEDs in the sidelights. This improves overall visibility and gives the lighting a crisper look complimenting the colour of my bike.


To improve rear vision I swapped the standard Tiger mirrors for the ones from the 2008 Triumph Speed Triple which are slightly wider but still match the Tiger. I also fitted a centre-stand and a ScottOiler. Finally, to complete the improvements I've invested in a new Garmin Zumo550 GPS fitted on a SW Motech mount.

My 08 Tiger 1050 now resides in Tenerife, having riden it out there in 2011, more detail HERE

Full Tiger 1050 Specifications HERE

Lots more Tiger 1050 photos HERE

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