Triumph Tiger 955i

The 955i model Tiger was manufactured from 2000 to 2006, during which time I owned the 3 different bikes shown below. Clocking up over 50,000 miles they proved reliable and very comfortable. These bikes are bullet-proof and are over-engineered by todays standards. Developed from the previous 900 model Tiger, but with a 955 fuel injected engine providing nearly 100bhp, plenty of torque, and a top speed of 130mph. (All 3 bikes are also featured in the Gallery section)

The advantage of buying consecutive models allowed me to transfer many of my accessories such as luggage and sports exhaust etc. from one bike to the next. Other items such as the cross-bar mounted GPS, Scottoiler, Autocom, and additional relay switches to allow both headlamps to operate together, were also re-used on each bike.

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Tigger1 (pictured above) really opened my eyes to the versitility of a Tiger. The 955cc fuel injected engine provides plenty of low-down torque and enough top-end power to keep up with most other road bikes. Unfortunately this bike met with a premature end in an unscheduled excursion into a dry stone wall. The bike was an insurance write-off, luckily I suffered nothing more than a dented pride and walked away relatively unscathed.

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Tigger2 (pictured above) saw the introduction of cast alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. Other modifications included a new rear swingarm, silver finish to the frame, stiffer suspension and improved steering geometry. This British Racing Green bike took me on my first overseas tour on two wheels down through France and into southern Spain. That 3000 mile trip proved beyond doubt the Tiger is a very reliable and capable touring machine. See the Ride Reviews page and the Gallery for more details of this trip and others.

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Tigger3 (pictured above) is essentially the same as the BRG but has Triumph's new 1050 cylinder head and engine covers. The 06 definitely had a "fully sorted" feel to it, confirming it had reached the full design development of this particular model. The exhaust still has it's characteristic burble and stiffled backfire on the over-run which I'd grown to love!

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