Corporate Accounts

If your company regularly uses taxis or hired vehicles, either for employees or clients, you should look into our corporate account services that seek to not only provide a reliable driver when you need one, but also offer repeat customer benefits for regular bookings.

Corporate accounts stem from two needs – employee use and client convenience. If you need reliable collections for either of these purposes, MyRides corporate accounts have been designed to give you unlimited access to our excellent services, while also helping you to accrue repeat customer rewards and benefits. The application process is refreshingly simple and once your new account is open, you simply need to call us when you need a car and we will be there.

Do you want to roll out the red carpet for important clients arriving at the airport, to make a good impression as soon as they touch down? We can collect your VIP clients in a vehicle fit for an executive and bring them to you directly. Simply pre-book an airport transfer service on your account and leave the rest to us.

Need to get an employee home safely? Call on us to collect at any time, day or night and we will get them where they need to be, all without the worry of needing to pay themselves.

Your account gives you ultimate freedom and flexibility, regardless of how many journeys you make with us, you can pay for them all with one monthly settlement, on production of your account invoice.

MyRides is the perfect combination of a reliable taxi service, blended with a ready-and-waiting corporate fleet that has been assembled purely to keep your company moving.