Customers are our number one priority

Plenty of companies claim that their customers are their main priority, but few seem to take the necessary steps to always keep client’s pleasure at the forefront of their daily operations. Here at MyRides, we take a very different approach, because without our customers, we simply wouldn’t exist.

There’s more to prioritising customers than simply fulfilling a brief, as we well know. It’s no longer enough to simply complete the tasks that you, as a company, have claimed to be capable of, as now, customers have access to such a huge variety of review and exposure tools. Consider social media as an example:

One average taxi ride won’t be worth talking about. Yes, the driver arrived on time, was polite enough and arrival was within an acceptable timeframe, but that’s not going to lead to a rave review or be worthy of a social post that has the potential to be transmitted to millions of people around the world. We want to exceed customer expectations to such an extent that they have no option but to take to their social channels to tell everyone what a fantastic experience they had. We want you to be one our customers that feels this way.

Whatever the reason for your journey with MyRides, while you are a customer of ours, we have a responsibility to brighten your day and perform our duties to an exceptional standard. We like to think that you’ll step out of our vehicles with a spring in your step and a positive outlook about the rest of your day, not to mention a determination to book with us again.

MyRides does more than simply drive customers, we share your journeys with you.