Guaranteed pick-up times

How many times have you been forced to alter plans because a taxi has arrived late to collect you? It’s happened to most of us, but with MyRides, untimely arrivals are a thing of the past and that’s guaranteed.

We operate on a 24/7 rotation, meaning that whatever the hour of the day, we will come and collect you and if you give us 24 hours’ notice, we guarantee to not be late. If that sounds like a bold claim, we agree, but it’s one that we can make with confidence, because of our customer-first business model.

Your pleasure is what’s most important to us. We want you to find the process of booking a journey with us as simple as possible, before finding your ride relaxing and stress-free. You won’t ever discover how clean our cars and courteous our drivers are though, unless we fulfill our promise to pick you up on time. That’s why we offer you a no excuses guarantee that when you want us to arrive, we will be there.

We know that if you step outside at the time of your booking, you’ll find a clean and perfectly maintained vehicle, clearly displaying its taxi credentials, waiting for you to get inside. Manned by one of our professional drivers, with years of taxi experience, you can simply relax in the back seat and wait to arrive at your destination, on time.

Excuses don’t interest us, but results and a fantastic reputation do, so book with confidence knowing that if we have at least 24 hours’ notice before your intended collection, we will be there on time, ready to exceed your expectations.