No hidden fees

When you book with MyRides, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. No ifs or buts, it is as simple as that. We take customer trust very seriously, which is why hidden fees simply do not factor into our service packages, anywhere. We price for a job, with no wiggle room built in and we are always conscious to be good value, while offering the best service in the industry. Yes, that might seem like an imbalance, but it’s one that we are happy to swallow, in order to exceed expectations, maintain our excellent reputation and secure return clients.

We don’t add charges for getting stuck in traffic, unexpected fuel use or anything else. We find it shocking that you might have become accustomed to paying various hidden fees, but that’s not something you’ll have to grin and bear with MyRides.

Whether you make a booking on our website through our direct contact form, or via email, phone or even our exceptionally user-friendly app, two things will always be the same – the quality of the service that you receive and the price you pay.

Our managers and drivers are all experienced in the taxi sector, meaning that we have an industry-leading grasp on fair pricing, so we don’t need to play games or add extra costs through sneaky means. You tell us about your journey, we tell you a price. If you agree, you book us, enjoy your journey, pay and that’s it. A taxi service that’s as simple and transparent as it should be.