Pay With A Debit/Credit Card or Cash

No longer do you need to ask your driver to pull up if they pass an ATM, as now, you can pay for your taxi service with MyRides via either a debit or credit card, as well as traditional cash. So much more convenient than back in the day when card payments weren’t possible, we know that this will open up a world of potential extra journeys for customers old and new, purely because of the ease of payment and negating the stress of always having to carry cash.

Let’s assume that you had planned to walk to a certain destination. It’s sunny and hot, so you aren’t wearing layers and only have a small bag with you. There’s no way to carry cash, but you don’t need any, so no harm there. Suddenly, the weather changes and you need to get a few miles away. You’ve got no money for a bus, but you do have your credit card. Simply get on the MyRides app and get a car booked. We will come and transport you safely to your destination and you can simply tap and pay. It couldn’t be easier, or drier.

We promote an inclusive philosophy, so while the modern world is moving forward with card, phone and even smart watch payments, we are more than happy to retain some traditional taxi elements as well, such as taking payment in cash. Your driver will carry enough change to be able to return any excess paid, so please don’t concern yourself with trying to have the exact money ready. Remember that we are striving to maximize our flexibility for your convenience.