Nights Out Taxi Services

Few people enjoy volunteering for designated driver duties on a night out, which is where MyRides can help. Our professional drivers work around the clock, offering reliable, safe journeys for your entire group.

There’s no need to worry about making multiple bookings, as our fleet includes SUVs, minibuses and estate cars, so large parties can be easily accommodated, although if you do need more than one vehicle, just tell us where to be and when and we will coordinate everything.

With customer pleasure our top priority, we won’t keep you waiting, so why risk waiting around for an unreliable driver? We can also stay on call for your party, if you choose to pre-book a vehicle for the entire evening. Should you wish to change venues, you can simply all get back into your MyRide vehicle and head to the next destination, saving you time and energy.

Should you have a corporate account, the night out services could be even more useful, during occasions such as company conferences. You’ll be able to schedule a number of vehicles, protecting all of your clients and/or employees, while also taking advantage on an opportunity to gain some repeat booking benefits.

All of our drivers are fully licensed and experienced within the taxi sector, meaning that they are perfectly geared to take the burden of being a designated driver off your shoulders. Professional, friendly and better equipped to navigate busy streets at night, we think this is as much a safety issue as a convenience one.