Taxi Tours

Before we talk about our taxi tours, it’s worth noting that our drivers, though numerous, are all experienced taxi workers with impressive local knowledge. We do not look for new or inexperienced drivers, as we believe that our commitment to customer satisfaction can only be achieved through tangible expertise and demonstrable years in the industry.

We choose each of our drivers based on their combinations of knowledge, skill, personable nature and desire to make a real difference in terms of client experience, because depending on traffic conditions or length of journey, you could be in a car together for an extended period of time. We need to know that you’ll be comfortable and feel happy making conversation and because we know that all of our professionals are wonderful people, as well as talented drivers, we are delighted to be able to offer you taxi tours.

Depending on the duration and complexity of the tour that you choose, your driver will show you a plethora of sights that you could easily otherwise overlook. They’ll be able to give you insights into what makes each site so special and will be only too happy to interpret your interests and take you to places that will genuinely fascinate you.

Even if you are a local resident, a taxi tour is a fantastic way to appreciate the area on a whole new level and from the viewpoint of somebody that spends a large proportion of their day driving through it. We actively encourage you to ask plenty of questions as well, to get the most from your tour experience.