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Looking for a taxi Biddulph area? Check out My Rides, who is a taxi cab company that provides various of taxi services. Read this post to find out what services My Rides offer and how to book. In this post, we included a section of Biddulph’s main attractions.

Biddulph in Staffordshire

Biddulph lays in the heart of Staffordshire, England. Its a town that boasts a rich history, horticulture, and community spirit. This charming market town is located approximately seven miles north of Stoke-on-Trent.

Biddulph Grange Garden

At the heart of Biddulph lies the renowned Biddulph Grange Garden. The garden is a National Trust property that is a horticultural gem. It was developed in the mid-19th century by James Bateman. Bateman was a Victorian plant collector and horticulturist. The garden is a fascinating blend of various international styles, including Italian, Egyptian, and Chinese influences. Biddulph Grange Garden is a haven for nature lovers, offering an enchanting journey through themed gardens, terraces, and exotic plant collections.

Historic buildings

The town itself reflects a mix of architectural styles, with historic buildings like St. Lawrence’s Church standing alongside more modern structures. The bustling town center features a variety of shops, cafes, and local businesses, creating a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the town’s dynamic character. The weekly market, a tradition that dates back centuries, continues to be a hub of activity, showcasing local produce and fostering a sense of community.

Prehistoric times & industrial past

Biddulph is also steeped in history, with evidence of human settlement in the area dating back to prehistoric times. The town played a role in the Industrial Revolution, with coal mining and pottery production contributing to its economic growth. Today, remnants of the industrial past can be explored, providing insight into Biddulph’s transformative journey.


The sense of community in Biddulph is palpable, with various local events and festivals bringing residents together. The town’s close-knit atmosphere is reflected in the warm hospitality of its inhabitants. The visitors feel very welcomed and embraced by the local culture.


Surrounded by the scenic Staffordshire countryside, Biddulph offers access to outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the picturesque landscape. Its proximity to the Peak District National Park further enhances the town’s appeal, providing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region.

In conclusion, Biddulph is a town that encapsulates the essence of Staffordshire’s heritage while embracing a contemporary spirit. With its stunning gardens, historical landmarks, and a welcoming community, Biddulph stands as a testament to the enduring charm of England’s market towns.

Book a taxi from My Rides in Biddulph

My Rides offers our taxi services in Biddulph. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, there is taxi services catered to your needs.

Taxi tours

As a tourist you would want to explore the town and do some sightseeing, thats why My Rides has their customized and personalized taxi tours. These taxi tours are a luxurious upgrade from your normal tours with a tour guide and excessive walking from site to site. With My Rides taxi tours, you can enjoy the popular attractions of Biddulph from the comfort of a car. You decide where to go, when to go and when to stop.

Shopping services

Maybe you’re not the big sightseeing type, and would prefer to do some local shopping. My Rides also offers shopping taxi services. Our chaffeur will pick you up and drive you to numerous locations. You can start at the mall and later visit the local shops around the town. You will be assisted through the whole way, so you dont have to worry about finding transportation after you’re done. My Rides shopping taxi service is especially convinient when you have shopped a lot.

School runs

If you’re a resident in Biddulph you can still take advantage of the taxi tours or shopping services. Maybe you wont find the taxi tours as neccessary because you’re a local. Thankfully My Rides has multiple services catered to different needs.

If you have kids, we provide with school runs. Our school run taxi service is a safe and reliable transportation for your children to and from school. At My Rides we value the safety of our customers very highly, which is why we taken on different safety measurements. First and foremost our drivers have all gone through background checks and must be experienced drivers. Second, all our vehicles adhere to strict safety standards. Third, we provide a safe space where customers can give constructive critism.

We have a reputation for being reliable, which is because we actually mean it when we say that we are on time. So you wont have to worry about us being late or you being delayed. Entrust us to ensure that your childrens gets to and from school safely, comfortably and timely.

Airport taxis

My Rides can also drive you to and from a hospital appointment or schedule. Lets say you are going to the hospital to get a minor surgery and therefore would need assistence with driving. But unfortunately nobody of your immediate circle of family and friend has the time. Thats where My Rides comes into the picture. We will drive you safely to and from your appointment without any hassle.

These are just some of our taxi services. To see the whole list, visit our ‘Services’ page.

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