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Uttoxeter in Staffordshire

Uttoxeter is a beautiful town situated in the heart of Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Its a place that seamlessly combines historical significance with a modern and thriving community. Located along the banks of the River Dove, Uttoxeter boasts a rich heritage that spans centuries.

Market square

The town’s historic market square is a central point, where the lively Uttoxeter Markets take place. These markets, held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, are a testament to the town’s longstanding tradition of commerce and community engagement. Visitors and locals alike can explore a variety of stalls offering fresh produce, crafts, and unique finds, creating a vibrant atmosphere that reflects the town’s dynamic character.

Uttoxeter racecourse

Uttoxeter Racecourse is a prominent fixture in the town. The racecourse adds a touch of excitement and prestige. Known for hosting top-class horse racing events, including the prestigious Midlands Grand National, the racecourse attracts enthusiasts and spectators from across the region. The thrilling races, set against the picturesque Staffordshire countryside, contribute to Uttoxeter’s reputation as a hub of sporting entertainment.

History & architecture

Historically, Uttoxeter has ties to the renowned writer and lexicographer Samuel Johnson. Johnson’s former school, Oldfields School, stands as a reminder of this literary connection. The town proudly celebrates its association with Johnson, offering visitors a glimpse into the intellectual legacy that spread through Uttoxeter’s streets.

The Uttoxeter Heritage Trail guides visitors through key historical sites, including the impressive Uttoxeter Town Hall, a Grade II listed building. The trail provides a fascinating journey through the town’s past, highlighting its architectural gems and cultural landmarks.

Education & community

Education is a cornerstone of Uttoxeter’s identity, with well-regarded schools and educational institutions contributing to the town’s intellectual vitality. Families find Uttoxeter to be a welcoming and family-friendly community, with excellent amenities and green spaces like Bramshall Park providing recreational opportunities.

In summary, Uttoxeter stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of history and modernity. Its bustling markets, historic landmarks, and cultural offerings create a distinctive identity that invites both residents and visitors to appreciate the unique charm of this Staffordshire gem.

Uttoxeter taxis from My Rides

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Taxi to train station

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Taxi to Uttoxeter Racecourse

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Taxi tours

Embark on a memorable adventure with our taxi tours, where our knowledgeable drivers guide you through Uttoxeter’s hidden gems, historical landmarks, and scenic spots. Whether you’re a visitor or a local looking to discover more about the area, My Rides is your trusted companion for an enriching and enjoyable tour experience.

Taxi to Alton Towers

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