School Run Taxi

MyRides offers various taxi services, including school run.

Getting the kids to school on time is a nightmare for all parents. Especially those that have to cover a significant amount of distance all before 9am. Multiple-child households particularly struggle to coordinate everybody all at once. Which is why we are ready to step up and be the extra pair of hands that you, as parents, so desperately need.

There’s no flexibility in terms of school start and finish times. This means that a reliable taxi service is a must. Thanks to our guaranteed on-time pick-ups, when you pre-book at least 24 hours in advance, we can take all of the stress of getting your children through the school gate before the bell rings.

MyRides school run taxi service makes the daily commute for students safe, reliable, and stress-free. We understand the importance of punctuality and security when it comes to school transportation. Thats why our dedicated service is designed to address the unique needs of parents and students alike.

MyRides ensures the safety of our school run

We know that you won’t entrust your children to just anybody, which is why we are proud to reveal that all of our drivers are required to complete safeguarding training and a DBS disclosure, before they are allowed to work for us. They are also fully taxi licensed, with their credentials and their vehicles being thoroughly checked by the Stoke-on-Trent City Council. With unparalleled local knowledge, your children will never get lost on their way to school. Instead they will be transported by a smart, professional driver in a safe and modern vehicle.

Safety is our top priority. All MyRides drivers undergo thorough background checks, and our vehicles adhere to the highest safety standards. Parents can have confidence in the reliability and security of MyRides school run taxi service. We ensure your children receive a safe and comfortable transportation experience.

Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with safety features. They are driven by professional and vetted drivers who prioritize the well-being of young passengers. Parents can trust MyRides for a dependable and timely school run service. We will make sure your children reach school and return home safely.

Our school run service is a superior alternative to public transport, which can fall prey to unforeseen circumstances that contribute to possible lateness. Us, on the other hand, we will always fulfill our promise to safely accompany your children to their schools.

Book MyRides for your children school runs

Booking a school run taxi with MyRides is simple and convenient. Our user-friendly online platform allows parents to schedule regular pickups and drops, providing a structured and reliable solution to the daily school commute. Our drivers handles the specific requirements of school runs, offering a smooth and secure journey for students.

Trust MyRides to provide a trustworthy and efficient school run taxi service, where our commitment to safety and reliability makes us the preferred choice for parents seeking a convenient and dependable solution for their children’s daily commute to and from school.

Do yourself and your children a favor and book a taxi from MyRides for your kids school run. You can book very easily online through our booking system. Or call us on 01782 438 291. Book a taxi days and weeks in advance. This way you ensure that you have transportation arranged for your children to and from school. If you have any questions regarding our school run taxi service then contact us. Last but not least remember to give us a review if you use My Rides. In doing so, we can continue to improve our services.